Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, Heres some fresh spring water that was flowing under your nose for a while,The Great Communication.
Released in 2007,A year IMO that was a fantastic year for hip-hop with all it's great albums.The Great Communication by Somobe,A duo consisting of Bob-J and Jon-D hailing from Las Vegas.

The Great Communication,Is just that,Great.With beats that are full and vibrant also something most underground heads aren't used to No Samples. Rather then taking away,It ADDS to the music, Giving it that whole-body sound to back up the dope rhymes which all equal a dope album.

But hey,Like usual,Why listen to my flapping fingers?...Decide for yourself. Think for yourself.

These songs should help you come to the conclusion that this is dope.

Long Days

This Is Blitzkrieg

We Need A Love Song


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