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Who is Tanya Morgan?

Who is Tanya Morgan?

Although the name evokes something of a neo-soul songstress, the music is overtly hip hop. Tanya Morgan is a group comprised of Von Pea and Ilwil (Ilyas and Donwill) - two totally separate acts, with additional production by Brickbeats. Within the span of a year, the collective of four recorded all the material that would become their debut, Moonlighting and go on to be listed in Questlove's Top 10 album of 2006. The tightly knit 13-song set is bound together by the story of a misled record shopper and his unwanted purchase. The albums title is a nod to the fact that Tanya Morgan is really two acts in a group together who are, in a sense, moonlighting on their respective jobs by working with each other. In promotion for this grand opening, the group released two projects: Sunlighting and the Sunset EP. The bandwidth busting download that is Sunlighting plays like a mixtape in a sense yet still showcases the groups personality and presence while the Sunset EP boasts original production by Von Pea and Brickbeats.

But where did Tanya Morgan come from? After landing XXL magazine's Show and Prove section their debut LP Moonlighting was released on Loud Minority Music to much critical acclaim. The album recieved 3.5 mics in the Source magazine, the Chariman's Choice column in XXL magazine, a highly coveted spot in Wax Poetics magazine and several other publications and websites. The video for their second single 'We Be' aired on channels such as MTV Jams, Much Music and hip hops first VJ Ralph McDaniel's television show The Bridge.The group has since played Toronto's NXNE Festival with Dice Raw's new group Noveau Riche and the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival with the likes of Ghostface Killah, Large Professor, Consequence and a host of others. They are also regulars at New Yorks annual CMJ Festival. In addition to attending the 2007 Power Summit in Las Vegas to compete (and subsequently win) Myspace Music/XM's 'Show Us What You Got' Competition and taking home 'Best Music Video' out of a batch of 3 total nominations at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards the group has just wrapped up its second national tour throughout the southeast US and their new song 'Walk This Way' can be found in regular rotation on XM Radio and several college radio stations.

Tanya Morgan will be releasing 3 projects in 2008. Aside from a yet to be named mixtape collaboration with DJ Soul, their official sophomore album 'Brooklynati', will be preceeded by an ep named 'The Bridge' that is meant to not only help familiarize new listeners with their sound but also to serve as an appetizer to the full course meal that is 'Brooklynati'. On 'Brooklynati' fans can expect to find more of the same thing that initially made them fall in love with Tanya Morgan and hip hop in general. But what should newcomers to the sound expect? Simply put they should expect the unexpected. From A Tribe Called Quest to Tha Alkaholiks to Leaders of the New School to The Pharcyde to De La Soul, the comparisons drawn have been numerous however the sound is unmistakeably their own. That sound is energetic music that injects intelligence into fun filled rapid fire lyrical romps.

Sunset...The EP

Everybody Loves A Sunset (Intro)
Filthy Interlude aka The Duck
So Sweet
Oh No
Dr. Morgan Hypnotherapy
Stay Tuned (Sunset Version)
(totally legal..on artists blog)


01. The Record Spot (Intro)
02. The Warm Up
03. Paper Thin (feat. Jermiside)
04. We Be
05. Skit, No.1
06. Take the L (Get It)
07. Ode to Tanya
08. Hahaha
09. Skit, No.2
10. We Right Here
11. Just Cause I Got Locks
12. Rough U Up
13. Skit, No.3
14. Pretty
15. Hooks
16. Want U to Want Me
17. We Bad!
18. Skit, No. 4


Ode To Tanya

Take The L (Get It)

Ha Ha Ha


We Bad!

Walk This Way (Dream On)

Bout To Be Some (Prod. By Khrysis)

And You Say (feat. Che Grand)

Sitting At The Bar

Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group?

88 Keys feat. Tanya Morgan - Cuddle Bums (i pray NBS know who 88 Keys is)

Triangle Offense (Prod. By The ARE)

UpComing Projects

The Bridge EP - April 08
Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group? Mixtape (Mixed by DJ Soul) - Feb 08
Broolynati LP (Their 2nd album) - 08
Tanya Morgan presents Ilwil - Beat Thieves 2 (mixed by DJ Low Key) - soon! any day in 08 seriously

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