Saturday, February 16, 2008

Braille - The IV Edition dropping April 15!!!

“The IV” (pronounced I-VEE) represents the roman numeral four (fourth album), as well as a slew of other acronyms and metaphors used to describe the vision behind the music. The record plays like a celebration soundtrack touching on a wide variety of topics including marriage, death, temptation, and growth. Within the “celebration” theme Braille pairs himself up with a different producer for each track.
  1. Beautiful Humanity – beat by Ohmega Watts
  2. Submission Hold – beat by Shuko
  3. Calculated Risk featuring Mr. J Medeiros (Procussions) and Manchild (Mars ILL) – beat by The Are
  4. The IV featuring Rob Swift – beat by Marco Polo
  5. Main Squeeze – beat by 88 Keys
  6. Remember Your Path featuring Rob Swift – beat by Staffro
  7. Constantly Growing featuring Speech (Arrested Development), Surreal and Sojourn – beat by DJ Spinna
  8. Blessed Man – beat by S1 (Strange Fruit Project)
  9. Many Stories featuring Barry Hampton – beat by Barry Hampton
  10. Raise the Dead featuring Poems (LA Symphony) – beat by J-Thrill
  11. Double Dose – beat by Mr. Mar of the Stieber Twins
  12. Counter Attack featuring Theory Hazit and DJ Idull – beat by OhNo
  13. Mental Guards (Snitch Blade) – beat by Aetoms
  14. Get it Right featuring Ragen Fykes – beat by Kno (CunninLynguists)
  15. Restless – beat by M-Phazes
  16. The Cure – beat by K-Murdock (Panacea)
    Bonus track
  17. ADDvice featuring DJ Bombay – beat by J-Zone
The IV - Braille ft. Rob Swift (prod. Marco Polo)

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