Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spotlight Album: Median's Relief

Median - Median's Relief

1. Love Again featuring Real Love — Produced by Koen
2. Simile — Produced by Zo!
3. Collage — Produced by 9th Wonder
4. Personified — Produced by 9th Wonder
5. Rize featuring LaDehra — Produced by Khrysis
6. What Would You Do? — Produced by Ant B
7. Powershift — Produced by Nicolay
8. Brenda’s Baby — Produced by Nicolay
9. Right or Wrong? — Produced by Centric
10. Choices featuring Chaundon & Joe Scudda — Produced by 9th Wonder
11. How Big Is Your World? — Produced by 9th Wonder
12. Strides featuring Mark Wells — Produced by Nicolay
13. Pardon Me Dude featuring Louisha — Produced by C. Keen
14. 2 Sided Coin (Remix) featuring Spectac & L.E.G.A.C.Y. — Produced by Khrysis
15. Personified (Super-Charged Remix) — Produced by Khrysis
16. Comfortable (Midnight Remix) — Produced by Koen

My Thoughts

This album grows on me every time I hear a song from it. The brilliance of the concepts & lyrics were mostly over looked even by me. This is one of my HOJ album excluding LB & 9th's LPs. Truthfully I think this is probably the 3 or 4 best album of 07 which means alot since there was so much competition. Anyway alot of people complained about the album's hooks & chorus and how lousy they were. But to me I think they seemed essential. Like Powershift, if there was just a sampled hook. It wouldnt have the same prowess. Plus samples are over done & overatted. I'm into live instrumentations as of lately. But Median proved himself on this album and that he just not a guest spot artist. Major props to Median for making the dopest slept on album of 07.


What Would You Do?

Right Or Wrong

Choices (Feat. Chaundon & Joe Scudda)

All That You Are - Foreign Exchange feat. Median (Bonus)

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