Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hip Hop Harbinger.....

I hear it alot from the older people that were in love with Rakim, Public Enemy & etc....that Hip Hop or music in general will never be the same. But i think the Future looks brighter than it ever has well at least for hip hop. You got MCs like Blu, Elzhi, Buff1, Joell Ortiz & Black Milk leading the way. How could you utter such a statement like "hip hop is dead". You got the return of the classic DJ/MC collabo & live instrumentation. Every release i hear from a up & coming MC has been either great, classic or full of potential. Blu made a impact, Elzhi is teasing us with a potential classic & Kay teamed with Nicolay to make the year's 1st (maybe 2nd thanks to Torae) impactful great album. You can't forget about the groups/duos/trios of the new school, Little Brother, Tanya Morgan, Strange Fruit Project, Kidz In The Hall, The Cool Kids & Lightheaded. And the record labels like Qn5, Justus League/Hall Of Justus, Def Jux, Rhymesayer & Stones Throw. The Resurrection of Rawkus records is one of hip hop's most exciting happening recently. The future most famous stars Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Panacea & Lupe Fiasco constantly set the bar higher & remind us exactly why we love what they do.

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