Saturday, February 23, 2008

In The Rotation

Through The Wind - Nicolay & Kay feat. Stokley Williams

So far, my favorite song from the LP I've been anticipating for a while. Time:Line lived up to the hype & surpassed my execptions. Last time i felt this way bout a album was when i first Pure(Buff1), Hunger Strike(Silent Knight) Of Gods & Girls(Mr. J) & Below The Heavens(Blu & Exile). My fav underground albums of 07 which i hold all at high esteem. So you know this song must have something special. Filled with metaphors, singing, similes & a essential concept. Stokley really put it down on this song. But the singing was outshined by Nicolay's prod which was outshined by Kay's lyricism.

My BoyBlu - Blu & Exile
Tho all the versions on the Net are of bad quality. This song is great & probably with time & mastering will be more liked than my fav Blu song, Blu Colla Workers. But classic Blu so nothing much to say except i hope he drops a mastered version of this song on a LP or EP. Keep it up Blu.

Momma Can You Hear Me? - Talib Kweli
This song means so much. Supposely leaked single of Kweli's upcoming album, Prison Of Conscious. Kweli praises his mom on this joint days after the Death Of Kanye's mom late last year. Maybe a tribute to Donda? Nevertheless this song is great. Kweli has alot of side projects beside his solo coming out so check for those.

Life Of The Party - Little Brother feat. Carlitta Durand
One of my favorite LB songs. Fun & soulful at the same time is hard for alot of artist. But LB does it so effortlessly as they description their experience with at club & the haters. Pretty Funny hopefully LB will drop something to soothe our pain from their MEH! 3rd album attempt.

Littlest Things - Kidz In The Hall feat. Lily Allen
I love Kidz In The Hall. Majority of the things they do are great. Publicly supporting Obama & his efforts. Droppin this Valetine mixtape is so un expected I don't think anyone saw it coming besides Naledge & Double-O. Well, I'm feeling the whole vibe of this song. Lily Allen is a great singer who doesn't get much praise. Major props & luv for her.

Boombox - (Radio) Raheem Jamal & Raydar Ellis
Boombox mafucka turn it up! The first song I heard from Raheem and was impressed. The scary thing is that this might be one of the weakest songs on his album respectively. So that means that his album is amazing. Seriously ppl that praise Lupe, Blu & etc...sleep on this album. Kinda sad but hopefully I'll change that soon.

Saved- Saigon & Joe Scudda
I'll tell ya now! The main reason i like this song is the Snoop Dogg sample. Those the verse arent that bad. I expected better from both Joe & Sai but decent effort at the least. Anyway the concept of the song is great. The hook is my favorite part and the most appealing. The Background humming through out the song gives it a soulful feel.

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Lauryn Hill
The bonus joint off Lauryn's classic album is possibly my favorite. The whole soulful feel of it just touches my heart every listen. I could imagine this song being performed in concert. I has a awesome vibe. I love it.

Iron Galaxy - Cannibal Ox
Classic! Majority of the people in America have heard this song. Either in a movie, Video game or TV. This song is lyrically potent & the production from El-P is phenomenal. To me there is no weak part of the song. Seriously Classic!

The Light - CunninLynguists ft. Club Dub
So soulful this song is. Though its most background singing and live instrumentals. It makes you sing along as they say "If You wanna be heal then you have to reveal the truth". Great message i think. Then about half way through Natti solidifies the song and his membership in CunninLynguists. Production is top notch as usually with Kno.

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