Monday, February 25, 2008

Thoughts On Finale & Spier 1200 Present: Develop

When you hear the words,Finale and Spier 1200,You most likely don't think of music,Let alone Hip-Hop, But this collaboration of MC(Finale) and Producer(Spier 1200) has brought us a very laid back,Chill album that is rare and needed in our day and age by the name of Develop.

Released in 2007,I just got around to listening to this about a week ago,My opinion that '07 was a great year in Hip-Hop just got elevated, With beats very sample-oriented,You can't help but think that samples are becoming the basis for that Mid-west sound.

Develop is easy on the ears,Spier 1200 produces beats that beg for a gifted MC to tell a story over them and Finale just so happens to be a gifted MC,With his flow that grabs your attention and lyrics that reassure you that your listening to somebody with intelligence.

If that ain't enough to make you want to listen to this,Develop has a nice list of guest spots including,Elzhi,Supastition,Wordsworth, And Invincible among others.Finale holds his grounds on the mic even with this much talent featuring on tracks.

Without making this too long,I'll leave you my closing words.

Closing Words:Develop is a laid-back,Well put together album that you can put on while chilling and having a nice cold beer. Don't sleep on it.

But hey,Why listen this to a lowly Islander,Here's some tracks that stood out IMO...

The Ring

Family Portrait

The Backstory

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mALiZ said...

I gotta listen to this album sooon..