Saturday, February 9, 2008

In The Rotation

And You Say - Tanya Morgan feat. Che Grande
This track is great. That new School hype with some old school funk. This joint is classic in my eyes when speaking about Tanya Morgan. Everyone delivers a great verse with the most noticable being Von Pea's. This joint is produced by Von Pea himself.

Powershift - Median
Median is probably one of the most unique artist to be revealed from the NC. Lyrically he can easily hang with Phonte but he has his own style that is kinda indescribable. But even with the loss of words for Median you can still call him dope. Dude's album is equally as dope. Every track had its own meaning & message. Powershift is my favorite track of his lastest release. To me symbolizing the shift of hip hop music's aim from its current money hungry ways to its orignal meaning as the art of the people that loved & crafted it.

Rise - Strange Fruit Project feat. Little Brother
I never realized how great this song and the album it belongs to was till recently...The production is great with all credits going to S1 of course. Big Pooh & Phonte share a verse basically as they deliver a little miracle in the form of words to the song. The hook is catchy, soulful & Brilliant. Hell its a brillant song in general. Expect to hear some ol Maliz promotion of SFP soon especially since reppin my home state.TEXAS STAND UP!

The Listening - Little Brother
Phonte was right. I'm still teething on "The Listening". But I wouldn't dare bite the Incredible LB. They show exactly why i love them and why they have and will most likely be my favorite group/duo. They delivered raw rhymes, a great beat from 9th & humor. Classic LB shit. What more can you ask from them. Have listened to The Listening & The Minstrel Show makes you appreciate their lastest release "Getback" more and more. This joint is again classic LB...peep it

Tight Eyes - Nicolay & Kay feat. Oh No & The Luv Bugz
Dem Damb Jackson! (=Kay & Oh No, real group btw) Anyway this duo of Texas's Kay & Nicolay of Foreign Exchange is unbelievable. After hearing the leak, it made my order to so much more appreciated. Ill have the physical copy by friday & ill order the Bonus track from iTunes. Anyway this song is the one i had stuck in my head since. RSVP blah blah blah.. lol i just mumble the words but great performance from Kay & Luv Bugz while i've heard better from one of my fav MC/Producer Oh No. And remarkable job from Nicolay as usual.

Move On Up - Kidz In The Hall feat. Mike Payne
Kidz In The Hall are bringing the whole MC/DJ group back to its former fame. Not to diss other MC/DJ joints & etc...but great vibes from Kidz In The Hall. This joint absolutely inspiring. The hook is great. The Lyrical are amazing.Not Much to say especially with a new LP on the horizon. Hope they don't suffer from the Sophomore slump.

Sitting At The Bar - Tanya Morgan
TM having too new joints in the Top ten shows just how much i've been feeling this group. So many simiarities to LB but completly different if that makes any sense. I could probably say TM is my favorite Trio followed by Strange Fruit Project.

Q.U.E. Another E.N.S - Consequence
Now wft is a guy from Dallas feeling a track dedicated to Queens? Well its just that dope. They track is banging with tons of bass but not too much to overwhelm. Just the right amount. Really can't wait till Cons next release tho he just drop Dont Quit Your Job last year.

Sleep Walkers - Restoring Poetry In Music (Panacea)
This is maybe the dopest most slept on release of 2007. Seriously Panacea great constantly comparisons to The Roots and even more fitting now with their band having a album together but I think Panacea has their own style & only thing similar to the The Roots is that its all Hip Hop.

Gone - Chaundon feat. Jean Grae
This is a surprise. I haven't listened to Chaundon's full debut yet but this song caught my eyes so i decided to play it for a little preview of what Chaun is spitting. Definitely no let down so far. So check out his debut & cop it when it releases.

(sorry anything beyond number 10 gets no explanation unless i feel its needed)
Blu Colla Worker - Blu & Exile

Work To Do - Kidz In The Hall

Baby - The Roots

American Dreamin' - Jay-Z

Till The End (C.A.L.I.) - Inverse feat. Deacon The Villain & Trek Life

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