Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's Next Two Thousand & Eight? (Part 1)

LMNO & Kev Brown - Selective Hearing (The Beat Tape)
The return of the classic MC/DJ combo is refreshing to see. Especially in this time of creative drought in music. Anywho when i first heard about this combo of the Cali MC, LMNO & Maryland producer Kev Brown. I wasn't too excited. Just thought its another album with familar artist but nothing special. That was till I heard the music video of "Who's That". That song & video is great. Seriously didn't except the two to blend and mix very good but LMNO kinda changed his flow and tempo to match Kev's incredible productions.

Guilty Simpson - Ode To The Ghetto
Guilty Simpson, Damage beyond word's descriptions! Simpson is a beast. I've been patiently waiting for this album for half a year. Last year Guilty dropped some very notable verses. His verse on Buff1's "Surpreme" & Percee P's "Watch Your Step"topped many list's of 07.. With production from Madlib, Oh No, Black Milk & Mr. Porter. This album's musically stand top is undisputed. Also featuring Sean Price & The Almighty Dreadnaughts, this album is sure to be a remember able release.

Kidz InThe Hall - The In Crowd
Coming off the recent success of their album/mixtape with Mick Boogie called "The Detention LP". And also having a song called "Work To Do" off that project promoted by the Obama Campaign & even featured on Obama's myspace. Kidz In The Hall seems to have all the pieces in place. So with that said, They are releasing their sophomore effort, which hopefully won't suffer from the sophomore slump. Recently they released their track listing to their new project "The In Crowd" and out of 13 tracks only 5 are collaboration-free. No don't get me wrong. I've been waiting for Kidz In The Hall to collab with other artist that held water, but this is ridiculous. But I won't judge yet to i hear the entire album & band.

Braille - The IV Edition
Not much to say about this particular album. This will probably be for first fully heard Braille album. I've heard good things about him so far and also some misc. song. But what really drew me to this album was the production credits and his association with Ohmega Watts & Othello which the 3 make the group called "The Lightheaded". The production will feature Oh No, Mr.J.Medeiros, Ohmega Watts, S1, Kno & Murdock from Panacea. He has also released a .single called The IV & the B-side features the song "CounterAttack" Feat. Theory Hazit. Now seeing that the other 2 Lightheaded crew members (Othello & Ohmega Watts) released superb & marvelous albums. Hopefully Braille will follow suit

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