Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spotlight Album: Chorus Rhyme

C-Rayz Wal & Parallel Thought - Chorus Rhyme

01. Intro
02. Chorus I
03. Chorus II
04. Chorus III (Feat Trinity)
05. Chorus IV
06. Chorus V (Feat Vast Aire)
07. Chorus VI Legacy
08. Leo Chorus
09. Vomit Chorus (Feat MF Doom)
10. Chorus Collection (feat Levi, Hykoo, Messiah-J, Icon The Mic King, Kwote Scriptures, MC Caness, Wordsworth, Karniege,Double AB, Dusted Dons, Tame One, Glock Rockwell, RA The Rugged Man, Stahhr The Femcee, Life Long, Sha-Dula, Marq Spekt, C-Rayz Walz, Thirstin Howl III, Klu Sheisty, Sean Price, Swave Sevah, Poison Pen, Chan, MC Unknown, Kosher Dill, Block McLoud, Many Styles, Omega Moon & Immortal Technique)
11. DJ Chorus (Feat DJ Ruffneck, Turntable Anhilists & DJ JS-1)

My Thoughts

The Lady of my dreams, as ill as she screams, I'll never let her open my eyes. Yup, random but genius. Seriously I think this LP went over everybody's head even mine. Walz put it down lyrically. He favorite release from him so far. And The production was great. The best song on this album be the album itself since it flows together so well. Vomit Chorus features Doom ripping this hard beat. Also featured on this LP is Wordsworth, Vast Aire, Immortal Tech, Sean Price & dozens & dozens more. Seriously this LP took me by the throar and i enjoyed every second. With wild & random lyrics that make totally no sense while simultaneously making perfect sense, this is a great album. Thank Walz for the breif explanation of complete cacophonous rhymes.

"That was the realest yawn, step up, make a move, ill kill ya illest pawn"

"I'm gangsta i hold doors for ladies, im gangsta i love all the babies"

"You dont want potholes in ya chest from a lawn dart, in NY kids shot for nothing like John Starks"

"Forget The whales, You better save your breath"

"My verse is pregnant with so many contractions"


Chorus I

Chorus Legacy (Chorus IV)

Chorus V (feat. Vast Aire)

DJ Chorus (feat. DJ Ruffneck, Turntable Anhilists & DJ JS-1)

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