Sunday, October 12, 2008

Panacea New Album Coming in Later This Month?

On A Mind On A Ship Through Time
  • 1. “Introlude”
  • 2. “Voyagers”
  • 3. “Mudgreen”
  • 4. “L.A. VA”
  • 5. “Speak-O-Vision”
  • 6. “Vandalism”
  • 7. “Orange Penicilin”
  • 8. “Sirens”
  • 9. “Lunar Illusion”
  • 10. “Chrono Trigger”
  • 11. “Treasure Hunt”
  • 12. “Mustard Seed Celebration”
  • 13. “A Mind on a Ship”
I'll be the first to say it...OMG! I can't believe Panacea is dropping another album...I loved Ink Is My Drink, I loved Scenic Route, I loved Pyramids In Moscow and only a year later will we receive another release from the Washington DC duo. Well I'm a big fan of these guys. I made a big ol post in dedicated to those guys and their live band "Restoring Poetry In Music" (Pyramid In Moscow). So I'm totally pumped about this album. I'll hit ya'll with their new single, "Voyagers"...

Panacea - Voyagers


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