Monday, October 20, 2008

Remind Me In 8 Days...

8 Days since I last posted Not alot has happened though. But I would like to take this chance and tell you that The Knux will probably be the next big thing in music. The Hollywood By Way Of New Orleans group is signed on Interscope and their new album is the shit. I've been bumping it all last week. But I'm definitely ordering it and it releases Oct 28. To be honest alot of comparsions could be made about this group but none should be applied because it would only limit their potential in people's mind since they'll hold them to the golden standard set by their predecessors. Anyway I feeling this album and highly recommend it. Also recommend checking out 14kt's new album which is bananas. I ordered it off iTunes so unfortunately no stream but preview it and you'll see. "Without Dilla (Donut 4 Dilla)" is whoa....on some classic Dilla ish.

Anyway heres some of The Knux & the already leaked tracks from 14kt courtesy of Stephanie

01 - The List
02 - Fire (Put It In The Air)
03 - Bang! Bang!
04 - Cappuccino
05 - Roxxanne
06 - Daddys Little Girl
07 - The Train
08 - Shine Again
09 - Life In A Cage (Electric)
10 - Pea Knuckle
11 - Powder Room
12 - Parking Lot
13 - Hush
14 - Wake The Fuck Up
15 - Playboys
16 - The True
17 - Lights, Camera Action17 - Lights, Camera Action

  1. The Waiting Room (feat Lovesong)
  2. Surgery
  3. The Inside (feat Tiffany Paige)
  4. NNE Mode
  5. Ypsilanti
  6. Hihatspectations
  7. The D light in You
  8. Love Handle
  9. Tick Tock Hustle
  10. Ivory Pillars
  11. ICU Smile (feat Karla Crawford)
  12. Can We?? (Chill Again)
  13. Trust Issues
  14. When My Sunsets (feat Keri Kirk)
  15. Less Than Enough (feat Ab)
  16. The Night
  17. Start Over (feat Lovesong)
  18. Miss U. (For Lost Loved Ones)
  19. Without Dilla (Donut For Dilla Feb 06)
  20. Illustrious (feat Jax of Lunar Unit)
BTW..Most of the picture your gonna see on the site will be taken by me...I got alot of pic...some beautiful, some weird, some ugly, some right for the situation...just a

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